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Sounds 4 Climate Change

  “As Within, So With Nature” For many years I have been contemplating that inner human toxicity may be one of the major – if not the biggest – contributing factors to all environmental challenges that threaten the quality of life on earth. This awareness is generated from direct experience: I started cleansing my body,

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Increase Your Immune Power by Activating Your Higher Mind

I have been dedicated to human health and healing for over thirty years, and I firmly believe that attending a Chakra Sound Bath can be one of the most powerful ways to strengthen one’s immune system.  When you consider that you are a vibrational being, then does it not make sense to elevate the frequency

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Fit For Light – Daily Journal

STILLNESS IS THE KEY: This is the title of Ryan Holiday’s latest book, and it’s excellent! The bestselling author of nine books, and former marketing director at American Apparel, makes several excellent suggestions for getting one’s mind into the zone of stillness, and daily journalling is one of them. Consequently, I have recommitted to journalling

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Happy Lenting

ANGER to LOVE? Today is the first day of LENT, and I am starting this 40 day ascent towards Christ Consciousness with a two day cleanse (and fast). However, the metaphysical approach to LENT is not so much about abstaining from physical nourishment, but rather from the habit of negative thinking. I wrote on my

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Colin Hillstrom

L.E.N.T. 2020: Letting Go the Blocks to Perfect Love

Who am I? What am I here to do? What’s my life purpose? What’s it all about? These are the perennial questions we ask ourself. While on some level one might discover that our life purpose is to serve as a teacher or as a politician, yet when we dig deeper, we find that our

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When it comes to LOVE, or anything else, really, what few people understand is that LOVE is a state of consciousness, which we cannot be in when we are in the energy of fear or anger. The biggest secret perhaps is that while the energies of fear and anger can be unlearned, the vibration of

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The Mountain of Life

The process of personal evolution and transformation is like climbing a mountain. The 17 levels of consciousness from David R Hawkins (see “Power Vs. Force” and subsequent books) have been beautifully captured as art by my friend Jan Rosgen. For your enjoyment I am posting a copy of the “mountainOFlife” that I have created with

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