Sound Healing

Colin has a great heart spirit, and is able to bring his audience to love. He sets the tone of playfulness, as well as honoring the deep powers of spirit. Nancy Shipley Rubin, author of “The Manifesting Codes”

Listen into CRYSTAL SOUND JOURNEYS and download the CD (mp3) for only $9.99

Immersing yourself into Sound Vibration is one of the oldest forms of self-healing and awakening. Attending Colin Hillstrom’s Chakra Sound Baths, or listening to his acclaimed CD (purchase mp3 for only $9.99) you will experience:

  • Enhanced brain function
  • Improved cellular health
  • Elevated emotions
  • Greater access to Intuitive Intelligence
  • A shift beyond the space/time reality
  • Raise your frequency

Colin Hillstrom is a certified sound healer. He plays exclusively alchemy singing bowls by Crystal Tones, which are considered some of the finest sound healing tools in the world. His set of 20 quartz crystal singing bowls in the frequency of 432Hz contain precious and semi-precious stones. This high-frequency set was created to improve physical, mental, emotional, and neurological well-being by:

  • Opening, clearing and aligning of your chakras
  • Activation and balancing your 12 primary meridians
  • Balancing your hormonal system (pituitary, pineal gland, etc)
  • Releasing stress of brain and nervous system
PDF Download: Chakra Affirmations PYRAMID OF BALANCE
PDF Download: Divine Mother Divine-Feminine_2
Thank you so much for last night’s event! I had an extremely good day today. I just want to share this with you and thank you! Carrie W., Vancouver

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Discover how life feels when fear, discord, division, confusion, dread, and even anger slip away in an instant. SOUND OF FORGIVENESS features over 144 versions of the ancient Hawaiian prayer for inner conflict transformation, Ho’Oponopono. Colin Hillstrom is an ‘Outlier’ in the field of spiritual life coaching, and an avid student and teacher of A COURSE IN MIRACLES and other non-dualistic thought systems. His hands-on practical approach to transformational living makes this book an instant classic in your self-help tool kit.

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