Everything I do is about inspiring people to shine, so that they can manifest the lives they were born to live from an inner state of true self power. My journey into wholeness began around 1987 and has included roles as corporate comptroller, author, recording artist, composer, executive coach, and team facilitator. I have written books on wellness, life-coaching, relationships, and conflict transformation, and I have made several sound recordings that are used for meditation and sacred ceremony. Today, I mainly focus on sound and consciousness. The only bowls I play are Crystal Tones alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls that are in tune with the Sonic Geometry of A 432 Hz; my set of over 20 alchemy bowls has been deliberately assembled to generate sound waves to enhance overall wellbeing, optimize brain states, and open portals to higher-dimensional consciousness. 


My journey to health, healing, and wholeness started in 1987 when I faced chronic illness. That’s when I was introduced to live foods, wheatgrass, and functional nutrition. Having immersed myself fully and completely into the field of wholistic wellness I became a part-time practitioner in 1990 and created my first full-time wellness centre in 1994, and shortly thereafter I started meditating. Between 1990 and 2005 I studied and certified under various master practitioners, including Dr. Reimer Banis, MD, ND and world-renowned sound healer and innovator Sharry Edwards. In 1999 I discovered my love for coaching and certified as a Solution-Focused coach through Erickson College in Vancouver. Between 2002-2009 I became an ‘Outlier’ in the field of Life Coaching working with over 3000 clients as the Director Of Coaching at one of Canada’s premier wellness centers, according to Suzanne Somers. During that time I wrote and published my first four books on the subjects of life coaching, self-healing, spiritual relationship, and sexual healing. In 2015 I discovered my love for alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls. I quickly became a full-time bowl player, teacher, and recording artist. I had the good fortunate to record my first concept album CRYSTAL SOUND JOURNEYS with bowls and cello at the world renowned Little Mountain Studio in Vancouver that is part of the Nimbus School of Recording. In 2020 I certified as a Conflict Coach with the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) to complete a project that had started nearly 15 years prior when I was told that I have a gift for mediating. This project included the completion of a book for ‘Inner Conflict Resolution’ based on the Hawaiian Prayer for Forgiveness, Ho’Oponopono, titled THE SOUND OF FORGIVENESS. I had become a practitioner of Ho’Oponopono in around 2005 and found that it had changed my experience and relationship with people and the world at large. In the fall of 2023 I returned to the studio to record another sound project with bowls, this time with the intention to provide a sound tool that anyone can use to generate true self-power, titled FIND YOUR NOTE.

What’s next?

Unfinished projects include the recording and production of a musical, a song cycle that I have been working on since 2005; it’s going to be a concept album like SGT. PEPPER’S, TOMMY, or THE WALL, which is based on sacred texts and teachings that have influenced my journey towards the peak of consciousness. 




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Discover how life feels when fear, discord, division, confusion, dread, and even anger slip away in an instant. SOUND OF FORGIVENESS features over 144 versions of the ancient Hawaiian prayer for inner conflict transformation, Ho’Oponopono. Colin Hillstrom is an ‘Outlier’ in the field of spiritual life coaching, and an avid student and teacher of A COURSE IN MIRACLES and other non-dualistic thought systems. His hands-on practical approach to transformational living makes this book an instant classic in your self-help tool kit.

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