Forgiveness is the key to healing our body, life, and mind.

As long as we hold on to grudges and grievances we remain invested in the entanglements at the shadow frequencies of consciousness, which include discord, division, conflict, provocation, and judgement.


There comes a day in everyone’s life when we must let go, or else the next phase of the journey will be painful through the burden of un-forgiveness. But how does one forgive? The way the world teaches forgiveness is to make a judgement to forgive. Hence we are still judging and forgiveness cannot be complete. We are still entangled and un-free. 

How does one practice complete forgiveness?


The ancient Hawaiian conflict transformation technique known as Ho’Oponopono invites us to make a petition to a higher power such as the Holy Spirit (or whatever you choose to call it) to remove the stain of conflict from our mind or data bank. The practice reflects this statement:

“Of myself I do nothing. The Father who dwells in me does all the work.” Jesus

Can it be this simple? Yes. I have been practicing the Ho’Oponopono since 2008 and attest to its unfailing effectiveness. I discovered that when applied with sincerity one feels the up-shift of energy almost immediately. Being an innovator of consciousness technologies, I soon saw other possibilities for using the technique, including conflict prevention.

The title of my forth-coming book SOUND OF FORGIVENESS also speaks to the fact that we must use the power of communication – the fifth chakra – to affect complete forgiveness. Click on the link below to read an excerpt and stay tuned for its release on the FULL BUCK MOON JULY 4, 2020.

Sound of Forgiveness Excerpt

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