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“Life is an interplay between Divine Grace and individual effort!” Eknath Easwaran, author of Gandhi the Man


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No other quote than the one above makes more clear the underlying simple dualistic dynamic of human life and co-creativity on earth. This principle, that  “Life is an interplay between Divine Grace and individual effort” is the underlying theme for Quantum Way Coaching & Consulting.

The next step then, once this premise has been accepted, is to broaden one’s understanding of the field upon which this interplay takes place. This, then is where a very simplified explanation of the Quantum Field Theory will help. In short, the creative process has four components:

  1. The Existing Universe
  2. The Field of Pure Potentiality
  3. Particles, and
  4. Consciousness


Imagine you are observing a child approaching a sand box. What he sees and enters is the existing universe. This existing universe is filled with particles of sand , water, tools, toys, etc. This existing universe is also simultaneously a  field of pure potentiality because it can change at any given moment in time. Actually, everything is constantly changing, but sometimes this change occurs at a rate that is too slow for our five senses to notice.

The fourth component is consciousness: The thoughts and feelings with which the child enters the sandbox.

Now, imagine a child entering the sandbox in a state of joy and peace. He will create a more beautiful sandcastle than the child entering the the field of pure potentiality who is in a state of anger and rage.

Do you get the picture?

Consciousness is the one and only component of the c0-creative process that we have any control over. Consciousness is like an up/down spiral, and the whole secret to life is to manage this up/down spiral from the inside out.


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