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“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Einstein


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No other quote than the one above makes more clear that consciousness is the one and only factor in the evolutionary process that we have any control over. For this reason, navigating the varies levels of consciousness to the point of reaching crystal clarity is the key method of Quantum Way Coaching & Consulting.

Even more so… this is the time in the history of our planet that our conscious participation in the evolutionary process is quint-essential because we are on the brink of extinction. Because the current crisis is caused by the choices that we have made, it must be an elevation in our intelligence that we will bring health and harmony to our body, mind, and environment.

“The answers lie within!!

Our universe operates under a very precise system of law and order. What leads to a more fulfilling coaching process is to continually broaden one’s understanding of the field upon which this co-creative interplay takes place. A simplified illustration of the Quantum Field Theory will shed light on the four components of Quantum Creativity:

  1. The Existing Universe
  2. The Field of Pure Potentiality
  3. Particles, and
  4. Consciousness


Imagine you are observing a child approaching a sand box. What he sees and enters is the existing universe. This existing universe is filled with particles of sand, water, tools, toys, etc. This existing universe is also simultaneously a  field of pure potentiality because it can change at any given moment in time. Actually, everything is constantly changing, but sometimes this change occurs at a rate that is too slow for our five senses to notice.

The fourth component is consciousness: The thoughts and feelings with which the child enters the sandbox.

Now, imagine a child entering the sandbox in a state of joy and peace. He will create a more beautiful sandcastle than the child entering the the field of pure potentiality who is in a state of anger and rage.

Do you get the picture?

Now imagine this: A happy child is making a beautiful sandcastle, when suddenly an angry child joins the sandbox. Still, in the field of pure potentiality, anything is possible: The happy child might spiral downwards or he might sustain his state of joy regardless… or, the angry child gets inspired and spirals up towards joy and happiness. Either way, something new will be co-created, and the determining factor is the state of consciousness of the participants. In either case, the best feeling outcome will be achieved when the person with the highest state of consciousness can sustain their level regardless of what is happening on the outside.

On an individual and organizational level, this is how we can achieve and sustain greatness!


Consciousness is the one and only component of the c0-creative process that we have any control over. Consciousness is like an up/down spiral, and the whole secret to life is to manage this up/down spiral from the inside out. That’s where consciousness coaching holds the key to re-contextualize peak performance: Like a Swiss Mountain Guide, the coach assists the client navigate the path to the summit of consciousness, The Mind of Light.

“Narrow is the path; waste no time.” David Hawkins, MD, PhD, author of “Power Vs. Force” and developer of the 17 level Map of Consciousness, which is a core component to Quantum Way Coaching and to “The Zero Agreements – Course in Boundaries.”


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