Happy Lenting


Today is the first day of LENT, and I am starting this 40 day ascent towards Christ Consciousness with a two day cleanse (and fast). However, the metaphysical approach to LENT is not so much about abstaining from physical nourishment, but rather from the habit of negative thinking. I wrote on my last blog post about the original five Reiki precepts, which begins with: “Just for today, I will not anger.” There are many different points of view on the subject of anger. However, when viewed within the framework of the 17 levels of consciousness (POWER VS FORCE, by David R Hawkins, MD, PhD), it is obvious that when used consciously and creatively, ANGER can be a portal to LOVE, JOY, and PEACE.

What does it take to ascend the mountain of consciousness? For starters, it takes courage to CHOOSE AGAIN* when you’re temped to express your anger. I recorded this impromptu video nearly four years ago. I’m curious about your thoughts on this subject. Click here to view.

*CHOOSE AGAIN is one of the key tools suggested by A COURSE IN MIRACLES for the purpose of shifting projection and perception.