Fit For Light – Daily Journal

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STILLNESS IS THE KEY: This is the title of Ryan Holiday’s latest book, and it’s excellent! The bestselling author of nine books, and former marketing director at American Apparel, makes several excellent suggestions for getting one’s mind into the zone of stillness, and daily journalling is one of them. Consequently, I have recommitted to journalling daily during this 40 day period of LENT, and rather than doing this in privacy on paper, I have decided to use this medium and my blog. What I will journal about right now is a subject that is most intriguing to me: CONSCIOUS DYING. For the last two days I have been glued to the book LUCI No. 03 by Dr. Engelbert Winkler, an Austrian Pschologist who had a near-death experience at age six. This event led him to becoming a psychologist who would study the effects of a near-death experience. Long story short: Most people after having had a near-death experience change their approach to life, because they have experienced a different REALITY: THEY HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT! Dr. Winkler through his research developed the Lucia No. 03 Hypnagogic Light neurostimulator. I now understand that the timelessness that people experience in sound baths actually is a Hypnagogic Sound Experience, similar yet different to the experience with advanced light meditation. Hypnagogia is the state of consciousness just before waking or falling asleep, during which our awareness of space and time is severely diminished or non-existent. I don’t know why I am so intrigued with this subject, but my first experience of beyond time and space occurred when I developed the CONSCIOUSNESS WALK (see video based on THE MAP OF CONSCIOUSNESS from David R. Hawkins’ book POWER VS. FORCE). I think it boils down to transcending the frequency of FEAR: fear of death, fear of shame, fear of loss, fear of ill health, fear of poverty, etc. I am grateful that my life path has been graced with the gift to understand the nature of CONSCIOUSNESS itself, and how to ‘dial up’! What’s next for me is to find ways to share the synthesis of SOUND, LIGHT, and CONSCIOUSNESS with more people who yearn for stillness and higher models for security and success. I trust I will be shown how. And I hope that this will help reduce the fear of living and dying in One and ALL. Blessings…