L.E.N.T. 2020: Letting Go the Blocks to Perfect Love

Everyone’s Destiny: The Journey from Fear to Love

Who am I? What am I here to do? What’s my life purpose? What’s it all about? These are the perennial questions we ask ourself.

While on some level one might discover that our life purpose is to serve as a teacher or as a politician, yet when we dig deeper, we find that our ideal career path helps us to navigate our journey up the LADDER OF LOVE towards the final or supreme goal: Grace. Unity. Oneness.

During the 2020 season of LENT I will demonstrate how I use the three pathways of my vocation – SOUND, LIGHT & CONSCIOUSNESS – to navigate the Ladder of Love with the three keys to reach my supreme goal, my highest destiny: AWARENESS, CHOICE, and VIBRATION.


I am very practical when it comes to progressing into the spiritual dimensions of mind, and I will therefore offer you three templates coupled with life-coaching tools from my Life-Coaching Tool Kit to raise the frequency of your awareness and choice:

  1. The Reiki Code,
  2. The Saint Francis Code, and
  3. The Gandhi Code


Another way to expand and raise your awareness is through the medium of direct vibration. During this 40 Days of Lent I will be offering a variety of sound baths and advanced light meditation sessions, individually or with groups. Visit my home page for ticket and appointment links.

When you combine all three pathways – SOUND, LIGHT & CONSCIOUSNESS you will be accelerating your journey up the LADDER OF LOVE.


I discovered the five Reiki precepts when I took my level one certification with my friend Shirley Martin in Ontario. Being a life-coach and creator, I immediately saw the potential life-coaching application. Shortly thereafter I heard a melody in my head, picked up my guitar, and wrote the THE REIKI SONG (not recorded yet).


The Reiki Code is a simple set of five personal agreements that will allow you on a day-by-day basis to cultivate a positive Self-empowering mind set. Here’s how it goes:

Just for today… I will not anger

Just for today… I will not worry

Just for today… I will be humble

Just for today… I will be honest in my work

Just for today… I’ll be compassionate, to myself and others,

Just for today, just for today, just for today.


The way to make progress on your way up the LADDER OF LOVE is to use a template like this, set intentions, observe yourself, and keep adjusting your behavior until you truly live these five Reiki precepts.

I will keep posting how I am doing myself, and invite you to share your experiences and awarenesses.