“De-stresses deeper and more rapidly than years of meditation!” Nancy Watters, Victoria, BC

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Crystal Sound Journeys is ideal for meditation, centering, concentration, or just sheer pleasure of listening. It is best to be enjoyed with a headset or a high quality sound system. Crystal Sound Journeys is a sonic journey in consciousness played exclusively with Crystal Tones alchemy singing bowls, accompanied by Vancouver based Meg Engel on cello.

Listening to the CD is the next best thing to being in a live sound bath (see events calendar). Even over a head set or speaker system, the sounds will positively effect your chakras, meridians, enodchrine systems, brain, cells and mind.


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Recorded in July of 2016 at Nimbus School of Recording

“When I first read about Colin’s “Crystal Sound Bath” sessions, I was completely unaware of how soothing the experience would be. I have now attended several sound baths led by Colin and it is magical each and every time. This is the kind of ‘gift’ you give to yourself if you enjoy peace, tranquility and the joy of being around kind, compassionate and caring people. Colin and Maren will take excellent care of you!”

Jena, Vancouver,BC Speaker | Educator | Innovator






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