Consciousness Coaching, Non-Dualistic Consulting & Alchemy Sound Meditation

EVENT LISTING: September Sound Baths & Workshops are now scheduled. Most tickets are available on Eventbrite.

For information and for tickets on the Sound Biz Group Coaching, the on-line Brain Health series, and on the Men’s workshop (co-facilitated with Eric Bensoussan) please contact me directly: 604-780-0686


COACHING & CONSULTING: “There is no order of difficulty in miracles (problem solving).” From: A Course In Miracles. As humanity prepares to become an inter-galactic civilization, evolutionary leaders are called to approach problems, challenges, and opportunities from a non-dualistic / unitive perspective.  Consciousness Coaching, Non-Dualistic Consulting and Alchemy Sound Meditation serve to assist humanity’s current potential evolution by activating the latent biophotonic and supramental capacities of body, brain, and mind.

SOUND: Colin Hillstrom plays some of the world’s finest sound healing tools, the Crystal Tones brand of alchemy singing bowls. His set of 14 bowls contain precious and semi-precious stones, including platinum (activating divine feminine consciousness/accessing highest creative powers), 24 karat gold (connecting with spiritual abundance), azeztulite (activating I Am consciousness), pink tourmaline (emotional healing), serpentine (activation of kundalini energy), and indium (enhancing cellular health)


Watch Colin speak about emotional intelligence and the levels of conscousness as he prepares for a workshop on managing your inner power

Watch Colin speak on the subject of anger and health 

Watch Colin play sound bowls and speak about brain health, pt 1

Watch Colin play sound bowls and speak about brain health, pt 2