Light, Sound & Consciousness


EVENTS: Tickets for the summer series of sound baths will be released soon. Scroll down for upcoming events and ticket links, or click on the Events Calendar

LIGHT: I have recently entered into a highly inspiring collaboration with Sky Studio of Vancouver. On March 10 we had our first joint workshop combining the Lucia No.3 advanced light technology with live alchemy quartz crystal sound bath meditations. I am currently (June 10-29, 2019) traveling through BC, AB, SK, and ON to introduce the Lucia No. 3 advanced light technology to my network of wellness professionals and spas owners. In my own experience the Lucia No. 3 has the power to completely transform our consciousness, opening the pathways for miraculous self-healing and awakening to cosmic consciousness. A real game changer, priceless indeed!

CONSCIOUSNESS: Watch a recent interview with Colin Hillstrom on Sound Healing & Consciousness

SOUND: Colin Hillstrom plays some of the world’s finest sound healing tools, the Crystal Tones brand of alchemy singing bowls. His set of 12 bowls contain several precious and semi-precious stones, including platinum (activate divine feminine consiousness), 24 karat gold (connect with spiritual abundance), azeztulite (activate I Am consciousness), pink tourmaline (emotional healing), serpentine (kundalini energy), and indium (cellular health)


Watch Colin speak about emotional intelligence and the levels of conscousness as he prepares for a workshop on managing your inner power

Watch Colin speak on the subject of anger and health 

Watch Colin play sound bowls and speak about brain health, pt 1

Watch Colin play sound bowls and speak about brain health, pt 2