Colin has a great heart spirit, and is able to bring his audience to love. He sets the tone of playfulness, as well as honoring the deep powers of spirit. Nancy Shipley Rubin (Hawaii), author of “The Manifesting Codes****

During a time of great disconnect from myself and reality I pursued a lot of different therapy and worked with a lot of great people, but Colin’s efficiency in getting me back to my core-happy-self was astounding. Chandra Crawford, Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist****

Thank you Colin for our session today.  With each session I can feel myself growing and expanding my capacity to be the best person I can be. Jennifer Buckler, Director, One Wellness + Spa, Canmore, AB****

Colin’s process allows you to experience having an open channel with your higher Self. Thanks! Dr. Deb Derbyshire, ND****

In a few calls, Colin introduced me to practical, simple, and powerful tools he has developed.  These tools help me keep a balanced life, to make decisions through the filter of my ideals and values, and to find perspective when I feel lost.  Tim Tewsley | Project Manager, Recollective, Vancouver, BC*****

Colin is my business coach… He is a breath of fresh air. More importantly, he reads in between the lines and intuitively points out what I need. He tells me the truth. I have advanced so much in the past few months we’ve worked together. My business has increased, my self-confidence is absolutely self-sustaining. I am very grateful to have met and then hired Colin to help me build my business. Dr. Joanny Liu, Calgary, AB*****

Colin was a light for me in a midst of a storm. He was able to help me acknowledge the need for balance in all areas of my life. Colin gave me insight and easy tools that were simple and made huge changes in my life. I noticed as we worked on one or two areas of my life, it helped all the areas feel more balanced and manageable too. Anyone who is ready for change to get unstuck, and finally put dreams into action, would highly benefit working with Colin. Stacey Frizell, Calgary, AB, Massage Therapist and Intuitive Coach*****

Colin offers excellent value by assisting oneself in achieving their full potential. By providing a keen interest in a client’s situation Colin is able to provide valuable guidance and direction leading to a fulfilling coaching process. Ken Parke, CEO, Blue Sky Industries, Grande Praie, AB*****

It has been a great benefit to my personal health in body and mind to have been able to have these sessions with you, Colin. Your background in psychology and metaphysics, combined with life experience and acquired patience for others is obvious and has supported my development. For instance, I have realized and faced many lifelong fears and blockages in life such as marriage, friendship, and self-acceptance, and the union with God. There is much for me to yet achieve, and thus look forward to future sessions not only for the counsel you provide, but also for the pleasant energy you maintain around you. Please accept my sincere thanks for this relationship. Jesse Nytton, Vancouver, BC*****

I just wanted to say thank you. I am sure noticing a shift now. I really feel as though that grey cloud has lifted. I feel such a sense of calm and overall wellbeing. I enjoy life in a deeper way than I have before, I see things more clearly and I now notice all the possibilities around me. I wake up in the morning feeling good and looking forward to the day. Priceless. Thank you, Terri Litowitz, Vancouver, BC*****

The 1st time I experienced a coaching session with Colin in 2003, I discovered this was unlike any helper/client situation I’d ever been in. It was fun and intriguing and opened up the world of my True Self; the Self that already possesses the wisdom and power to create whatever life I wanted for myself. What impressed me was that, at that time, I was dreading having to prepare for a 3-day seminar I was to give. It seemed like a miracle that after just one session, through Colin’s use of some very simple techniques, I was not only looking forward to presenting the seminar, but was completely relaxed and thoroughly prepared for it days in advance! This was really me??!! Yes!!! Since then, besides other equally effective one-on-one coaching sessions, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in many seminars given by Colin. My life has been transformed and I’ve been empowered by each of them. With his many years of experience and self-transformation, he is a treasure of integrated wisdom. Colin’s presentations are packed with fascinating, effective processes he’s developed over the years, and it’s clear that he really lives what he teaches. I highly recommend you treat yourself to the experience!” Jan Rosgen, Surrey, BC*****

Participants (in Colin’s workshops) will gain tools to better understand themselves and to live to their full potential. Julie Seibt, Yoga Teacher*****

What I got out of the Levels of Consciousness workshop was an excellent review of the levels in a way that related them to some specific life issues. Also, I got that simple question I was looking for, in order to present this process to others easily: “Where am I now and where do I want to go?”—really understanding that, yes, this is a map! What you did so well Colin, was to present a logical step-by-step process in a completely random way, knowing and trusting that by the end the entire map would be complete and that it would be clear to everyone. It sure was! That was amazing how that came about! Like creating a work of art. Thanks so much for your powerful workshops. Jan Rosgen, Surrey, BC*****

I still remember the uncontainable joy I felt immediately after my first session with Colin. Eileen Novy, Drumheller, AB*****

I think there is a huge need for more of these workshops. People of all ages can benefit from a deeper understanding of the play between masculine and feminine energies. If I had known more about this at an earlier age, it would have enabled me to deeply enrich every relationship I have ever had. – M.B.*****

The Art of Life Workshop with Colin was wonderful! EVERYTHING about it was ‘just right’. You demonstrate amazing grace, genius, sensitivity, knowledge, comprehension, warmth, speaking ability, – communication skill – and so much more – in a continuous, relaxed flow through your Being. – So appreciated! – O.R.*****

Great weekend [“The 12 Soul Powers”]. It was the perfect opportunity for me to finally get out of my hole and on the next step of my journey. Thanks – J.T.*****