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I love the energy that Taylor set for this interview. His knowledge and enthusiasm for sound, consciousness and the quantum field is inspiring. I am so grateful!
Live Alchemy Sound Vibration can be a powerful way to create the binaural sounds that will affect brain health and performance enhancement.

Discover in under four minutes how to unhook from the low frequencies of consciousness like doubt, confusion, entropy, guilt and fear, and how to access the consciousness of love, joy, and peace.

Healing our hearts is not rocket science! Anyone can do it, because I did it, too. Actually, I believe that transcending the FEAR OF OPENING is the real purpose in life. It just requires enough willingness. Then the teacher(s) will appear.

Here you see the 17 levels of human consciousness, based on POWER VS FORCE by David R. Hawkins, Ph.D, MD. Artwork by Jan Rosgen. These 17 tiles have been a core coaching tool in my personal and professional practice.
This little ditty emerged during a sound bath in Vancouver in early 2016. It became the feature melody on the final track Soul Ascending from my CRYSTAL SOUND JOURNEYS CD
Want to know how consciousness works in your life? Why and how you are the co-creator of all the good, bad and ugly in your health, career, love, and finances? Watch me casually talking about my book TRANSFORMATIONAL LIVING. Recorded by me in my kitchen in 2012.

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