Light and Health


Elevate Your Consciousness through Advanced Light Meditation

According to Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl, health means being able to live completely in the NOW. Health literally means: The moment when everything is in order and there is no need for change. Experiencing such moments has always been the aim of spiritual practices. By seeking out such a state, health and wellbeing can be experienced immediately, which leads to an overall positive psychological effect.

Going back to Viktor E. Frankl’s interpretation, health is ever-present but can be masked by focusing on symptoms. Like the existence of the sun in a cloudy sky, illness never questions the existence of health. Only a conditioned mind and brain, can, will, and does.

Through thirty years of dedication to human health, healing, and self-illumination I know the truth that, to a point, health can never be lost, but merely overlooked.

Plunging into the freedom of the mind through Hypnagogic Light Experience allows us to ‘see again’ as we linger in the care-free perfection of the  eternal NOW, thus bypassing illness and its symptoms.

In a rapidly changing world we can benefit from accessing new rapid tools for healing, awakening, and transformation. The award-winning Lucia No 03 neurostimulator from Austria provides humanity with a powerful short-cut for opening our third eye (Pineal Gland), thus allowing us to rapidly shift to the unitive levels of mind where we can access non-dualistic insights, brilliant ideas, and effective solutions to individual and collective problems through the SPIRITUAL SIGHT.

For a limited time I am offering 20 minute Sample sessions for only $35 and 50 minute Immersive Intro sessions for $75 plus GST.

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