Harnessing the Power of Intention to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World with the Aid of Crystal Sound Vibration

Many fabulous spiritual teachers – like Wayne Dyer – have contributed to our expanded understanding of the Power of Intention. Among this group is Lynne McTaggart, a research journalist and author on the subject of the quantum field.
Her latest book “The Power of Eight” has caught my attention, and her discovery of how to apply these principles in small group settings has inspired me to launch similar projects supported with live crystal sound baths.
As suggested by the number eight, these groups will be limited to six or seven participants plus Maren and I.

Our first circles are scheduled for May 2 and 4. Here’s the format:

  • We will meet for 90 minutes
  • Sandwiched by two 10-minute sound baths, we will follow ‘THE POWER OF EIGHT” protocol
  • During the 90 minute session four participants will receive for 10 minutes each concentrated thoughts of intentions for healing based on their own intention statements from the other 7 participants
  • The other 30 minutes will be used as breaks to rejuvenate ourselves
  • Colin, Maren, and other trained sound healers will take turns playing crystal singing bowls during the 10 minute intention giving segments
  • The use of a wild-crafted adaptogenic formula for stress reduction to support rapid and sustained self-healing is recommended for a minimum of 90 days, but is not required. This YouTube channel features many educational webinars by Clinical Nutrition Counselor and biochemist Rena Davis, including the effect of stress on weight management.
  • A personal health questionnaire to track your results over a 90 day period will be provided
  • Private coaching sessions to support all aspects of the journey in healing are available

If this interests you please get in touch with me directly: 604-780-0686