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Picture: My father and I, Halloween Dance, Trinity Village, Kitchener, ON, October 30, 2017. He had advanced Alzheimer’s. Erich passed away peacefully October 10, 2018. My father was a creative, productive, inspired, and independant man: He started his own business in air conditioning and refridgeration in his early twenties, sold it and retired when he was 50. My direct experience with him has shown me how we can prevent mental decline, and what it takes to keep enhancing brain performance for life.

That is my mission.

Through this website and blog you can access Wholistic Solutions for:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADD (and related issues)
  • Addiction
  • And related mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges

Since 1999, when I was diagnosed by a medical doctor for ADD/ADHD (I scored 99 /100 points), I have been inspired to explore wholistic solutions for healing the mind.

This year, genetic testing (23+Me) confirmed my pre-disposition for Alzheimer’s.

Fortunately, my interest in the fields of self-development and human consicousness has led me to the studies of epigentics, neuroplasticity, and biophotonics, which have given me the firm conviction that WE ARE NOT VICTIMS of circumstance:

  • No more than 25% of our fate or destiny is determined by our genes
  • No more than 10% of our DNA is currently activated
  • No damage, imbalance, or malfunction of our brain is permanent
  • No more than 10% of our neurons are being used

What does this mean?


Based on my studies, personal experiences, and especially observing first hand the development of advanced Alzheimer’s in my father, I am convinced that anyone can STOP THE FOG OF DEMENTIA BEFORE IT STARTS!

Mental decline (and most disorders and diseases) can be prevented, and sometimes even reversed.

This page and related blog posts (coming soon) offer services, tools and products that I have found to be very effective, efficient, and economical not only for the purpose of preventing mental decline, but also for removing the blocks to love, health, happiness, success, peace, and ultimately, enlightenment.

DISCLAIMER: The information that you find here is not intended to replace professional medical diagnosis or treatment. You are the owner of your body and mind, and YOU are therefore fully responsible for the choices and decisions you make. Any information you find here is just information, and you alone are accountable as to how you choose to apply it in your life. May your choices serve to elevate your life, intelligence, and freedom. Carpe diem!


Choose your entry point: You can start with a confidential consultation, sound baths, or go straight to ordering products that will support you on your journey to wholess and wellbeing.


  • Get an unbiased, life-coaching based view on the state of your body, life and mind. You will receive recommendations for books, exercises, nutrition etc. 60 min. via telephone. $75 US in Nov & Dec, 2018. Reg: $150.
  • Walk the Talk: Interested in becoming a Brain Health Coach? I offer small on-line classes for groups plus individual coaching. The best way to learn and master something is to teach and coach it!
  • Information and booking sessions:


Neuroscientists now reveal that the human brain is wired for sound and music. In fact, music provides the most challenging information for your brain to process. Did you know that symphony conductors work longer than any other professionals? When you attend one of my sound baths, you are taking your physical, mental, emotional, neurological, and spiritual health to higher levels. For information, click on the sound tab.


The easiest and most effective, and definitely the most economical way to take a significant step in the right direction, is to start with a quantum leap where you also receive the support that will keep you on track. Here are three ways in which I suggest you begin to care for your most precious asset, your brain:

  1. NUTRITIONAL CLEANSE: My journey into cleansing, healing, and nutrition began in 1987. But it was in January of 2014 that I started to use a nutrional cleansing system that gave me more noticeable benfits than any other nutritional supplementation that I have ever used. I have yet to find another nutritional method that yields this much energy in such a short period of time. Disclosure: My partner Maren Jaxen is an independent associate of the company that manufactures and distributes this product line. When you purchase products, she recieves a referral income from the company, which benefits me as well. FREE: When you decide to go on a 7, 9 or 30-Day Nutritional Cleanse, you have access to our coaching support free of charge. Website
  2. PEMF: Space travel in the 1960’s revealed the importance of electromagnetic balance in the maintainance of cellular health. Electronic devices, wireless technologies and other sources of pollution are major causes for cellular deterioration and brain decline. I have been using the PEMF Omnimat by Swiss Bionics since January of 2017 almost daily, and would not want to live without it. I am referring you to an expert in the field, Adrian Armstrong. Disclosure: There are no arrangments for referral fees or other forms of compensation between Adrian and I. Website with link to contact Adrian.
  3. WATER: At least 70% of your body is made up of water. Drinking optimal water is quint-essential. The under-the-sink filtration system that I use and recommend is called ESIL / MINEVA Water. Disclosure: There are no arrangements for referral fees or other forms of compensation. For info contact: Jeanette Brown

Questions: Call or text me at 604-780-0686 or e-mail: