Hypnagogic trance is the state of consciousness between waking and sleep – Hypnagogia. It is usually experienced just before you fall asleep or wake up. People have always felt the need to delve into this special state with the aid of different techniques to find answers and gain new impetus.

The award winning Lucia Nº03 Meditation Lamp developed by doctors from Austria allows you to linger in the care-free perfection of the eternal NOW. You can achieve without any effort:

    Rapid and sustained deep relaxation – peace
    Increased learning capacity and performance – genius
    Transcendence of time, space, and dual states of mind – oneness
    Access to otherwise hidden insights, ideas, and solutions – miracles
    Activation of your Pineal and Pituitary Glands – truth

To inquire about appointments, call or text Colin Hillstrom: 403-708-7408

Please note: The Lucia Nº03 Meditation Lamp is not a medical treatment or therapeutic device. It assists the user to reach deep meditative states, turning to consciousness as a state of being which is always available when not obscured by daily distractions and thought processes.

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