Top 3 Reasons Why People Buy

I was listening to a teleconference call by sales and marketing expert Jefferey Combs last night. Jefferey, who runs Golden Mastermind Programs Incorporated, referred to a book Why People Buy by Pam Danziger. Pam states that the top three reasons why people buy are:

1) They want more money
2) They are dissatisfied with their vocation
3) They want to look and feel better

Here’s my question (which I am asking myself as well):

***How is this TRUE for YOU?

***WHO do you know for whom this might be TRUE, also?

SUGGESETD STEPS (I am taking these steps as well):

Thinking of these 3 reasons why people buy…

1) Make a list of any name that comes to mind
2) Assign numbers 1,2, and or 3 to each name
3) Don’t sensor your list
4) Speak with one of your team members about your list
5) Create a strategy for approaching your contacts
6) Rehearse with your upline member (see example below)
7) Start calling

The above 7 steps are a Lead Generation steps. Calling them starts the Lead Conversion (into a customer or associate) process.

Be fit. Have fun. Feel free!

I will be focusing on taking these steps and blog about them. This promise will keep me focused and engaged, and it provides an opportunity for other ‘players’ to learn, engage, and expand.

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EXAMPLE for contacting someone on your list:

Hey Ralf, this is Colin Hillstrom;
How are you?
Ralf, I want to talk to you for a couple of minutes because I need some help; is now a good time or are you swamped?

I’m swamped.
Ok, Ralf, no problem. When is a good time to speak for 5 or 10 minutes?
(so you make the appointment, thank him, and get off the phone!)

Now is good.
Ok, Ralf… great! I’ve recently launched a new home-based business and I am learning about the importance of doing sales and marketing the right way. What I’ve learned amazes me… The three main reasons why people buy are:

1) They need more money
2) They are dissatisfied with their vocation, and/or
3) They want to feel and look better.

So I have two questions for you; let me start with the first:

What’s your take on these 3 reasons?


My other question is: who do you know:

1) Who wants to create a 4 or 5 figure monthly income
2) Who has thought of becoming an entrepreneur, or
3) Who wants to feel and look better?


How to continue the conversation effectively takes practice. This is part of the learning process: Rehearse with your upline and aim to become a master communicator (the 5th Creative Power, see Quantum Creativity tab)

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