The Prosperous Habit of Health

A couple of nights ago I was walking past my book shelf when ‘the Voice’ said: “Grab this book and open it randomly.”

The book was “Your Magic Power To Be Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This book is a recent compilation of Hill’s three bestselling books: Think and Grow Rich, The Magic Ladder to Success, and The Master-Key to Riches.” The page I opened up to randomly was page 311: “The Prosperous Habit of Health,” which is the 17th of the 17 principles of the Law of Success. Hill states that: “Practically all of the other sixteen factors which enter into the building of success depend on their successful application upon a health body. Good health is dependent, in the main, upon:

  1. Proper food and fresh air
  2. Regularity of elimination
  3. Proper exercise
  4. Right thinking”

“The Magic Ladder of Success” was first published in 1930.

Still true today… or are we just catching up with timeless wisdom?