The End of Shame?

In the wake of last weekend’s workshop CRYSTAL SOUND, SILENCE, and COMMUNICATION, which I had co-facilitated with Laura Madsen (next date: July 8 & 9), I am reminded of two core components from Tom Kenyon’s HATHOR workshop in Seattle last November: BUILDING THE NEW WORLD… requires the clearing of the prenatal matrix, and the washing away of the levels of shame and guilt from our collective consciousness. The Hathors state that AWARENESS, CHOICE, and VIBRATION are the three keys to changing destiny, and in our workshop, Laura and I used the “Map of Consciousness” (from POWER VS FORCE) by David R. Hawkins, MD as a framework to generate awareness around the way we communicate with ourselves, with others, and with Life. Upon further reflection, and I have worked with this framework extensively for over a decade, it became even more clear that as we STOP SHAMING AND BLAMING, HUMILIATING and COMPLANING, we begin to ERASE THE FOUNDATION for all stress, strife, struggle, and suffering. Suggested practice: Louise Hay is a high proponent of mirror work. So am I. My suggestion is to combine the Hawaiian HO’OPONOPONO method for intra and interpersonal conflict resolution with mirror work: Face yourself in the mirror and state: “I am sorry for the habit of shaming, humiliating, blaming, and complaining. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you!” We might be incorporating this practice at a Chakra Sound Bath in the near future. Stay tuned… Carpe diem!