Today I am emerging from a 2-day back-to-back Isagenix Cleanse. Having tried to fast and cleanse unsuccessfully for over 20 years, this is a wonderful experience! I feel energized, clear, focused… new born in a way that also has me feel a bit raw and vulnerable.

Coming from a background of Natural Hygiene (food combining), wheat grass, juicing, raw foo and enzyme  nutrition (since 1987)… no method for cleansing has ever worked for me until I found the Isagenix Cleanse just this year.

Why does it work so well? It appears that body and mind are masterfully supported during the cleanse day with various nutritional products that cleanse and replenish. How does it get better than that!!!

As a life transformation coach, I see cleansing as a rapid tool for changing oneself for the better, rising up in consciousness where one finds more love, joy, confidence, peace… (see image below)

I also realize how frightening change can be. When we rise up in consciousness, our relations change. That can be very scary, which is why so many people resist it and never improve their lives to the extent of experiencing true satisfaction and fulfillment. I am aware of this particularly today because of what’s happening inside my own self. Fortunately, I have the confidence, lifestyle, and skills to navigate whatever change comes my way. But this is only because of my experience, which has brought its struggles and suffering (this is like climbing a mountain, finding a new path, than guiding others to do the same).

This new awareness enables me to create and offer a framework and support system for those who are inspired and eager to experience real, quantum change and transformation. That’s what THE QUANTUM WAY website and blog are about. I am so grateful for the amazing tools, products, and technologies that we have available today to ride this amazing wave into a more enlightened future. Carpe diem!!!