Movie: Belle


Here’s a strong, sensitive, enjoyable, and enlightening movie, relevant to the challenges that we face in individual and collective leadership today. Based on a true story in the late 1700’s, Belle centers around social issues, love, and leadership. Central to the story line is Lord Mansfield’s ruling on an infamous case that became an important step in bringing an end to slavery in England.

How is this relevant to us today? I believe that the notion that we are free, free from slavery, is an illusion. What enslaves us today?

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” (Buddha)

I am not pointing at leaders, corporations, institutions… the usual suspects. We might be missing the point! Rather, let us look in the mirror, let us “Face The Face” (Pete Townshend) and shine the light of truth on the hidden causes of stress, strife, and suffering.

What is truly keeping us trapped in the confinement of our “Soul Cages” (Sting)?

Those who are familiar with my coaching style know that I always seek for the most direct and efficient path to the Light, the zone of enlightenment, or pure consciousness. How do we accomplish this, even without the assistance of a coach, counselor, or consultant? Here’s a powerful universal principle that is highlighted by the late enlightened master Barry Long from Australia:

“I cannot teach you enlightenment, but I can teach you honesty.”

In the final scenes of “Belle” we see this principle in action, that in fact… “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)


Facing truth takes tremendous courage and willingness; but what’s in between the levels of courage and willingness is the consciousness of NEUTRALITY* (see the 17 levels from Power Vs. Force (David Hawkins) which are core to my 3cFlow Coaching Systems). This principle is the essence of Karma Yoga: One serves in the world without attachment to outcomes. The late meditation teacher and author Eknath Easwaran said it brilliantly: “Life is an interplay between Divine Grace and individual effort.” Living by this principle requires us to have faith, to trust in the intelligence and guidance of an unseen hand. In “Belle” we can see how Lord Mansfield, so brilliantly played by Tom Wilkinson, struggles with making his decision because he is concerned about outcomes. A great soul (mahatma) like Gandhi governs himself by principles like Satyagraha, loosely translated as “insistence on truth.”

Anybody has the potential to become a ‘mahatma’, a great soul. All that it takes is the willingness to change with an attitude of neutrality, because one never knows what happens when we step into the unknown. The following life coaching tool is a staple of my life coaching tool kit. Have a look, and if you want help, call or text. Carpe diem, friends!

1. Look at your life: Download this Life Coaching Wheel (featured in my book “Transformational Living) and follow the instructions.

2. Share: Invite others to do the same.

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* 17 level artwork by my friend Jan Rosgen

The Stairway to Heaven video was produced by Stephen J. Edgar