Integral Energy & Performance Enhancement

One of the biggest influences on my thinking for the last two years has been the philosophy of Integral Yoga by Sri Aurobindo. As I understand it, in short, Integral Yoga is the process of the triple transformation… high, deep, and wide… opening ourselves to the Divine Influence… by embracing absolutely all that we are: Body, mind, and spirit, including all levels of consciousness, from the lowest to the highest.

Within this context I have entered into the 16 week Isabody Challenge by Isagenix. From the three categories of Weight Loss, Healthy Aging, and Energy & Performance I chose the latter. What has inspired me is the opportunity to challenge my self, and to expand the scope to include mind, emotions, and soul. I have designed an integral four quadrant approach to advance myself physically, mentally, cognitively, intellectually, emotionally, financially, and spiritually during this time. What I am seeing is the emergence of a template… an evolutionary pathway for moving towards “Supramental Intelligence and Bliss.” (Sri Aurobindo)

My intention is to experiment, record, and share my experiences via this blog. Anyone interested in joining me on this journey?