Learn Let Love – 3 Steps to Transforming the Conflicted Self


Conflict appears to be a natural by-product of human interactions. Some people say they thrive on conflict, others say they will do anything to avoid it. Who is right, which is the better way?

One thing is for sure: Perpetual conflict does not create sustainable peace and prosperity. In fact the opposite is true: Perennial power struggles will eventually deplete hope, health, wealth, and happiness. A case in point is the USA, a nation that has been engaged in conflict or war somewhere on this planet for over a century. While there are times when conflict and war can stimulate renewal and prosperity, a continuum of such conditions will ultimately become unsustainable for even the richest societies and cause chaos and a final collapse.

And so it is with our individual lives. What I have witnessed with thousands of life coaching clients is that over time the perennially conflicted mind turns bitter and hard. The consequences include an erosion of wealth: People lose their health, wealth, goodwill, and their most precious relationships. Where have these people gone wrong? I believe the root cause is very foundational. The definition of conflict includes “…a struggle for power.” Therefore, people who are in conflict with one another are struggling for something that they believe is short in supply, limited, or scarce. What this means is that they are not aware of the limitless power that they can access internally, so they search for it externally. Unfortunately, this strategy is doomed to fail because our source of life is internal and not external. Yes, we have to receive our air, water, food, and money to sustain the body, but the spark of life, the first cause, is always internal. (Try bringing a dead man back to life with his favourite meal, a jack pot winning lottery ticket, or the woman of his wildest dreams…!)


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Chinese proverb

Mediation 8 promotes an approach to conflict resolution that fosters creativity and empowerment of the self and others. We call it LEARN, LET, LOVE. Learn, Let, Love is a simple three step process that originates from the integral yoga philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and other Indian sages. I have found this ancient wisdom to be very practical for engaging with challenge and change even in our modern day dynamics, because this wisdom is rooted in the depth psychology of every human being.

If you are interested in cultivating an inner garden that is weed-free and beautiful, these blog posts will be useful to you because they will invite you take THREE SIMPLE STEPS  for reducing and preventing conflict in your life.  This sophisticated and deliberate process will generate relief from struggle, strife, suffering, and stress and allow you access to the priceless power of peace. What’s more, and this should be of interest to HR managers, this process will rapidly increase emotional intelligence.

Start by asking yourself:

1. What can I learn or understand that will make me feel better?

Example: Look into your own astrology to understand yourself better.

2. What can I let go that will lighten my load?

Example: Forgive someone or yourself.

3. What can I feel grateful for?

Example: I am grateful that this situation is not worse.


Please feel free to invite others and share your insights and results as you submit comments.


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