3 Keys to Navigating “The Ascending Spiral”

Six more sound opportunities to shift before Solstice – colinhillstrom@gmail.com – Gmail

The “Ascending Spiral” is a term that the Hathors (see www.TomKenyon.com for info) use to describe the process of moving upward in consciousness.DSC_0708
Between now and June 17 we have six more Chakra Sound Baths scheduled. This provides an amazing opportunity to make a quantum leap as we approach the energetic pinnacle knows as the Summer Solstice. A sound bath will help to reduce stress, expand awareness, enhance brain function and performance, and ultimately, result in better life balance. Life balance is an important concept, because the more balanced we are, the healthier, more efficient, effective, creative, productive, and fulfilled we become. How do we track our degree of life balance? In life coaching, we use wheels as a means of generating awareness, making choices, and tracking action (the bridge between our inner and outer worlds!). I’ve been meaning to hand these out at sound baths, but then… everybody seems so blissed, that it never felt appropriate. If you are interested, you can download a free Life-energy wheel from my website: Visit colinhillstrom.com, then click on FREE PDF’S under the MEDIA tab and choose the Life-energy Wheel. It contains simple instructions. Should you have a question, you can call or text me: 604.780.0686. This is a sure way to be in the pilot’s seat as you move up on the “Ascending Spiral.”